Sunday, August 28, 2011

Morning of selling cookies/brownies

Today was the day that our family got to stand at our Orphan Ministry Table to try to have people sign up to donate their time on November 13th AND they let me know a few weeks ago that i could sell my Dark Brown Sugar Coffee Frosting Cookies/Chocolate Chip-Butterscotch Cookies/Chocolate Chip Coffee Orange the recipes to be sold too! It is a day of that has the feel of the fair...many tables with all of the ministries that are in our church!
At about forty-five minutes in (i set up early)....i have to let you know that i was just trying to hold myself together. I was ready to break down into tears. Two people had come over and asked questions and we had three sales. I just was so exhausted from all of the work with just our 12 yr old and 10 yr old at the house that i couldn't believe that for all that work, there would be three sales!
Then after the lights were turned out for people to go into the service...three more people! AND one person had a check all ready and put it in our lovely container with Ethan's picture on it;})
Afterward, it was so fun. People were buying....AND wanting my recipes;}) People asked questions and i got to talk real quickly with a few. THEN i got more bold and started asking people;})
I am off to our daughter's Bridal Shower....but i thought that i would let you know that we raised $206 for our cookie baking day......more details later


  1. So glad things turned around after I talked with you! God is good! :)