Saturday, May 5, 2012

In Country!

Hey Everybody! Caleb Lococo here, doing a little bit of tech support for our beloved Lindquists :) Scott and Connie have safely arrived in Bulgaria, and will be on the way to Ethan's region in mere HOURS!!! In the mean time, Connie has asked me to post some updates and pictures from the last 24 hours so you can keep up to date on all the latest events :)

The Happy Couple at the airport getting ready to cross the sea for ETHAN!!!!

One very excited mama getting ready to travel to go get her son!!!

 "At the Hotel in Sofia! Our short layover in Germany was spent trying to find someone to fix my glasses that i sat on!!! Yep, my left side of my glasses are down to the middle of my ear!!! I had fallen asleep and when they woke me up to eat i awoke with a start and sat up quickly....forgetting that in my near sleep state i had put them next to me! Since it is Saturday there is nothing open for this SO we have tried to fix them ourselves but the bow is about to break off if we do much more! Of course, last time i brought both pair but this time....just THIS one! Yep, meeting a high government official with a broken pair of glasses is NOT what i planned on!"

"We are going to go about town and have already met Erin Loraine and her hubby, Larry....AT THE AIRPORT! We were just about to leave the baggage claim area when i heard my name screamed and since i knew that no one from Bulgaria could have been allowed in...i KNEW it was Erin!!! So fun!"

 "Scott had fallen asleep while i wrote a post, so i joined him for about thirty minutes then wandered up to Erin Loraine's room to see if they wanted to do something. We had a LONG leisurely supper talking up a storm (no pun intended-you'll see) for a wonderful meal of Shopska salad, french fries w/Bulgarian cheese and Pork medallions w/AMAZING broccoli and potato cylinders that Scott and i split right down the middle. Great food! Great time with friends that have only been through FB!!"

"THEN we decided to go see the town...only ten minutes in a FULL FLEDGED thunderstorm soaked us to the bone as we tried to RUN the five blocks home in a sprinkle turn rain turn downpour! The lightning show is absolutely amazing!I did buy out all of the spices from the market in the middle of all of that though :) NOW, to repack & organize for tomorrow & then.... MONDAY's GOTCHA DAY!!!!!"

 "We have a lot to do before we leave! I have to pack/repack as we are only bringing what is needed! What is scary about that is that i just hope that i don't forget know like the camera or the computer:) Or Ethan's outfit:) No, i organized it last night and it should all get there with us!
The brunch here at the Budapest is AMAZING so we can't wait to get down there...well, Scott is quite wiped out and asleep but i KNOW that he can't wait:) I think he slept well last night too. Didn't hear a thing!"

"SO LOVE BULGARIA!!! SO looking forward to the drive! CANNOT wait to get to the bed and breakfast that we raved about last time! Praying that Nusha is there and not away for the day/night. The B&B is a place that Scott and i said that we would love to go to if we could have an interpreter and driver with....oh! AND MONEY ;) LOVE Ethan's region of Bulgaria and it's countryside but especially the bed & breakfast! Will you pray for me to have the right words to say while we are there?"

"Just talking to a dear friend, messaging, and about 26 hours....we will be holding our son and our adventure BEGINS!!!! Need prayer for this time, remember...not just THINKING about us but PRAYING for us! This is going to ROCK Ethan's world!!! PLEASE PRAY that he is as prepared as he can be! We will be taking him from all he knows and traveling 3/4 hours away from his only -ONLY home that he has ever known in a car ride like he has never ridden (with no car seat) through land that he has never been allowed to see of his own country! THEN we will bring him IMMEDIATELY into Sophia to finish his passport work. THEN to bring him to the start of his life with us in the motel for the rest of the week! LOTS OF CHANGES to pray over!"

As a personal addendum to this post, I (Caleb) would like to offer my personal thanks/prayers/congratulations to the lovely family I have seen carry through an adoption process for almost a year now! It is with some amount of surreality and total joy that we watch it come to a happy close, and I think I can safely say we are all personally praying this family and their adorable new son home. 

"Father, you have called us to care for the Orphaned and the Widowed, watch over this family as they carry out that beautiful mission to bring home their precious Bulgarian son. May this trip and all that happens on it glorify YOU!"

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  1. OH Caleb, you are a dear!!!! Don't exactly know why it is writing in English now but i am glad that it wasn't this morning so i could read THIS now! You have been a HUGE blessing in our lives from the near beginning!!! We thank God for you and pray for blessings to pour down on you from the Lord!!!