Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday's posting-sorry that these are out of order

We were given some medicine that is supposed to help him sleep and help with his mess in his head of congestion and thus breathing and he and Scott are sleeping next to me right now and Ethan has never sounded so good-for breathing! SO, praying that this means HOPE for his sleep as this would mean that he could breathe and thus SLEEP would be better if we could get that taken care of once home.

TODAY, oh my! An amazing thing happened on our way home....first, Ethan fell asleep in my arms in the carrier! THEN, we found a tiny Christian bookstore WHERE A YOUNG MAN SPOKE English and the people inside were SO different. You could SEE the love of Christ in them...just their friendly smile was incredible for us. We asked if they had any cd's in Bulgarian for children. They did. There were two and we bought them both! One was by Integrity music and the other had songs on it that our girls will be able to know in English! My eyes filled with tears as i heard the music that i love in our son's language!!! It moved me immediately as soon as i heard and KNEW the song. THEN they GAVE us a Bulgarian Children's Bible that is also in English!!! I can't wait to have Gerry Kiedrowski read it to our son!!! To have Ethan hear that Jesus loves him in his native tongue...again, when they gave it to me....moved to tears!
Ethan woke up and they loved on him and we got to converse for awhile. Ethan then had another meltdown where he did his "laugh" and went after my glasses several times and then started going after my face SO we knew that our time was done! ALL of us were encouraged by this visit.
BTW, we found out that they have a church here that has about 300 people generally attending. 
We are hoping to find a couple more couples tonight. Tomorrow Ethan will have his medical which is supposed to be for two hours. Then tomorrow afternoon, Scott and i and Ethan, i am sure, will go to the embassy to meet high government officials of the Hague part of adoption. PLEASE, i am begging of you, will you PLEASE pray for us as we REALLY want to answer honestly AND also answer in such a way that many children will be able to be saved from the lives that they are living. I AM BEGGING THE LORD FOR WISDOM, GRACE, AND BLESSING on this time tomorrow!
We are SO thankful for those of you who ARE praying, encouraging and giving HOPE!

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