Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tuesday's FB posting

Again, i have no idea as to what time it is. All i know is that Ethan is FINALLY sleeping...just as i had told Scott that we should just probably have him up for the day....LOTS of tossing, turning, sitting up, laying down, sitting up for over four hours, i am sure. I watched him as he would try to sleep...he was just like Scott was before he got his C-pap. He would go to sleep and then there would be nothing and then he would gasp and wake up and try to get into a different position. The bed is ginormous...he can lay straight across the bed and not touch Scott nor i (laying on either side of him as if we are his crib). Ethan has been "out" for nearly an hour i think. He woke up scared once in the middle of the night....not knowing where he was kind of scared. I sat up...he reached for me and i rocked him over my shoulder while sitting up in bed-not good for me BUT he slept for about twenty minutes after that time. This last time of him sleeping came AFTER he came to me and i sat up and held him in the sitting position in my lap with his body against mine sitting up while i rocked him....he has slept ever since!

Scott and i walked the farthest we have walked so far...trying to find nursery Bulgarian cd....we would get all the way to where someone would tell us and then it wouldn't be there THEN we went to a Sony store where the man drew us a map to an even farther spot where we FINALLY got to and they said that they didn't have it. It had been a couple of hours. We saw a KFC and got Ethan some chicken...i tried it and it was delicious! We started on our way back and it started to sprinkle! We got to an underground underpass (obviously) and i saw a large souvenier shop where Scott went in to ask if they had any children's cd's...they had two!!!!! They also had umbrellas. We had to wait in the underpass for awhile as it was coming down HARD! We finally went through the lighter rain and made it to a HUGE building that had a MASSIVE covered stone walkway. There were many of us who waited it out...for a LONG time there. Many of us saw it taper off so a bunch of us went for it. Problem...about halfway to the 'next spot to take cover' the rain POURED down complete with lightning and major wind out of nowhere! Ethan clung to me and was scared and we were SOAKED to our knees as the puddles were enormous. I was in sandals -NOT good and Scott was in his only pair of shoes, minus the ones for our meeting tomorrow! He doesn't think that he will be able to use the shoes today. We waited it out again at the 'food mall' again, along with MANY others. The wind was intense and there was lightning. It seemed to let up again so we ran for a taxi!!!!!! The man didn't know where the Budapest was so i was nervous for a second but he called it in and found out. (Ethan just woke up-he is so handsome and precious) The drive was intense for a little bit due to flooding. The guy kept on tsking-which is Bulgarian's way of saying UFFDA :) When we were about three blocks from our hotel, the rain let up. It is a beautiful cool morning, as it has been every morning.

Ethan had a rough time for a little while last is unnerving when it happens...he laughs a laugh that is not funny and then he just goes crazy.....running as if out of control, throwing things, biting paper, and then after about the longest 10-15 minutes he is fine. He then struggled going to sleep again last night so i had to lay next to him...thus, the reason i found myself in my clothes again this morning:)

Last night, we found him a bag of his favorite toys! YES, even though he has MANY waiting for him at home...we bought him some and it has brought us and him MUCH relief! He loves them!!! (he fell back to sleep!!!!) He also loved the alphabet cards that Ally packed for him as he has played with them quite a bit. (he's awake) (asleep) (awake and off the bed and by his favorite place...against the wall)

well.....that is going to have to be it for now.....keep praying and encouraging.... he soaked through his Pj's, bed stuff and after changing him....he is not a happy camper...we will be better after breakfast though, i am sure.

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