Thursday, May 10, 2012

MORNING of Thursday

Sorry that this is out of order again....

May i just say that my Momma self is so STINKIN' proud of our son....who did amazing this morning!!! He had to go to larynologist, an optomologist, and a pediatrician and he did fantastic at each visit. He did amazing waiting for the other little boy to get his visits done. He did amazing on both car rides. We are so thrilled to see the improvements...still ALL BOY BUT not the out of control craziness....yep, he still would steal my glasses...actually quite a few times but there was VERY LITTLE of that 'laughter' that he did. He was very cuddly like he has been typically BUT no biting!!! Yep, i am one proud Momma!!!!!



  1. your posts keep making me cry! so thrilled xxxxxx

  2. Good job, Ethan! Love you, sweet little man!