Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not much sleep.....

I have no idea as to what time it is but i have not slept much as i fell asleep at 10pm here as Scott had already gone to bed while i spent a few hours with Nusha. Scott also has not slept well. The night before, i put lavender and peace and comforting oils on us and we slept through all of the noises of the city life until it was just about time to get up. I was so tired last night that i just crawled into bed and fell asleep.
There have been two dogs who have done NOTHING BUT BARK all night long. I went out and took a picture of an INCREDIBLE moon that is FULL btw and was surprised to hear that the dogs are not even near us but probably a few blocks away! Another one has joined the two...they each have their distinct bark too.  One howls, another yaps and another one sound like a big ole' bass!
Scott has not slept well either so prayers for us as we have one of the biggest days of our life ahead!!!
The bummer is....we won't be able to post pictures for MANY MANY hours!!! We will be eating breakfast at 8am at my favorite place in Bulgaria...downstairs at our Bed & Breakfast-the Hitar Pitar. Nusha asked me last night what i wanted and then asked Scott....i asked for her french can see the picture of her french toast from our last visit here in December.
THEN we will be able to go to Ethan's orphanage! I have asked if we could go early as we have bought pajamas for all of the children, pants and we also brought colored marshmallows (couldn't find those rolled up sweeties without having to buy bubble gum or other things not meant for wee ones) SO, since we saw Ethan GOBBLE down the treat the worker gave him last time....we bought each of the children a filled croissant...yes, the croissants are filled here with chocolate, caramel, fruit & cream, and much more! I was also wanting to see where Ethan slept or where he lived instead of just the visiting room but i am doubting that we will have time as we have to meet another family, who is with another agency getting a special needs child, in Sophia at a certain time for our passports. IF we do not get there in time, i was told that we would be delayed from getting home SO they are not going to take that chance by letting us be there long at all. I have so many questions about Ethan....and i don't know if i will even be able to ask those!
SO, it sounds like only a few minutes at the orphanage and then we are off for Sophia WITH Ethan in between Scott and i OR on my lap (as there are NO car seats. He is SO very little that i have no idea which would be safer or even if he would LET me hold him on my lap.
PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS MORNING's breakfast time...that i will show the love of Jesus, for our travelings to Ethan just fifteen minutes away, for our time at the orphanage, for our travelings with Ethan, for our time with our precious son, for us to make it in time, for our time after the passport time at the station and at our hotel tonight.
PRAY for us too as we have had little sleep. Yes, i have tried to get back to sleep for a VERY long time but finally gave up so i could write to you all.


  1. We found that when we went to Switzerland and spent one hour barefoot on the ground we had no jet lag and slept well. Worth a try. It's free!

  2. I hope you got some sleep! Hugs to Ethan!

  3. Hi Connie,
    I just want you to know that I am following along on your blog and that I am praying for you guys! I can't wait to see pictures of Ethan in your arms!