Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The final EIGHT days!

Just a DAY before my father came to visit for a week we found out that our home study will be NEXT Wednesday! SO combine that with the fact that our PCA is on vacation for the next thirteen days, my father is here so meals are definitely different than normal, VBS starts the day after my dad leaves so i won't have the girls to help with Sophina so i can clean and our Sophina is taking AT LEAST SIX HOURS a day JUST TO EAT her meals right now....i am knowing that i am going to need help.

We have no idea as to what kind of social worker we are going to have. We could have the kind that everyone wishes for where all she cares about is what kind of people we are and if we will love and care for our child that is coming OR we could have the kind of person that scares people enough that some don't even choose to adopt!  The kind that checks the house with a white glove, questions your mind as to why you're even thinking of bringing another child into our home.

We could just hope for the first one or we can try to be prepared. We have tried to start a list, going from room to room to look at each room with an evil eye;})  THEN i went around the house the other day, looking for the girls and i saw things that i never let my mind see....weeds in the garden that is right in front of the entryway...LOTS of weeds, plus then there is the pile of BIG garbage that is waiting to go to the curb when they have that 'clean up day' through the city and then since we girls have never used a weed wacker....well, there are weeds around every tree.  Two newer screens are ripped out at the bottom.  Well, i think you are seeing the picture.

Inside the house, it needs a spring cleaning plus a little more;}  My father leaves Saturday night SO i won't get home from the airport in time to do anything.  I am wondering if anyone would be willing to help on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. We could get a lot done with Sophina asleep....so if anyone could help from 1:45-4:45pm on any of those three days, i would greatly appreciate it.  The only other times that would work would be 10:30am-Noon or 7-8:30pm on those same three days.

I know i am being bold in asking but a lot is at stake so i am asking with great hope. I also know that the timing couldn't be worse since most of my friends are probably involved with VBS so i know that it is a lot to ask.  OK...well, off to be with my dad!  Our one thing we are doing is going to the softball game tonight. I hope it doesn't rain so we can go;}

PS.  Will you do me an even greater favor by praying for Sophina and i as she is still learning to drink from a cup?  It is a LONG process and emotionally draining but it HAS TO HAPPEN so i do it. It has been a LONG draining process that rarely sees HOPE.  Please pray for that to change.  Thanks so much for those who are praying for us...wisdom, discernment, peace and knowledge are needed greatly through this whole process.  lovingly and blessed, Connie

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