Sunday, June 26, 2011

THE HOME STUDY and the commitment papers for our son!

The home study went wonderfully.  She was comfortable with us and we were comfortable with her.  Victoria was so exhausted from VBS that day and the day before that she fell asleep on the couch that she was sharing with the social worker! It was adorable!  Catherine was just about out when the SW asked her what she thought of having a little brother coming.  Her eyes were even blood shot as she looked up at me. Alex didn't go to bed until 3am either so she was also tired but she made it through the main part of the home study. As soon as she knew she wasn't needed she was out!
The tour of the house went VERY quickly.  She knew that we were a family who would love this boy immensely and that was what she cared about.  She had questions for us that we answered and she wrote down what we said then we had questions about some paperwork and then we were done.  It was three hours.

We started working on the paperwork for our son the very next morning.  We had tons of questions but the problem was that our social worker had surgery and was out until this week, our home study agency's workers are family and they had their huge family reunion those two days, and the lady who has helped us immensely was on her way home from Bulgaria!!!  We finally found an ER number for a social worker who was 'on call' who helped us incredibly by doing the paperwork that we HAVE to have for tomorrow!  He went way out of his way to get it done for us!!!

I got emails today from our lady who has been helping us from our adoption agency and she just got home from seeing her daughter in Bulgaria whom they are adopting! She very lovingly answered all of our questions even though she had just gotten home to see her family!

SO that means that tomorrow we are going to see another very good friend of mine, Tracy, to have our paperwork notarized then off to the Cities to get our paperwork apostilled at the Secretary of State's office, that is VERY overwhelmed by all of the people who are needing things done before the apparent shutting down of our MN gov't,  to commit to our son!  NOW, we just need to find someone to be with the kids and we can get this done!!!  It is more than likely going to be a very long day!  Scott leaves the next morning to go back to work.

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  1. Oh, Connie, you need a looooong nap after this is all done! ;-) I'm praying that everything will fall into place and get done when it needs to get done!!