Sunday, June 26, 2011

The pre-home study day!

I am going to start on the day before our home study! A fight happened again for us to give up and give in to doing the easy thing of just forgetting the adoption of our son and going on with our lives.  Scott was told that his train was cancelled so he had to drive nine hours after work.  Our eldest daughter, Liz, was planning on coming over to help us get the house in order but called to let us know that she had not even had the chance to leave her parking spot due to the fact that her car died and had to be towed.  She had to spend $350 to get the car working again. She wasn't able to come and help. Scott called to let us know that his work had let him off two hours early and also to let us know that a fuse blew so he didn't have the ability to open his windows, have air conditioning or have blinkers that worked! THEN our city got hit with rain that many said they had never seen the likes of in their entire lives!  Two of our daughters went out back to try to save water from coming into the basement using two wheel barrows (one with a flat tire and one with a whole in the bottom) and five five gallon pails.  They were dumping water out to the lawn every fifteen seconds!!! They did this for forty-five minutes until.....our 16 yr old came in crying (which she does NOT do) letting me know that she thought she broke her toe!!!  This is also the daughter who was leaving four days later for a missions trip to Ireland for five weeks!!!  SO all stopped and off we ran to the Dr's office at express care since it was 5pm!  She was soaked to the bone & freezing for the hour and one-half that we were there.  She had a contusion to the foot!  (she went to Ireland with crutches and a boot)  The two of us got home and were met at the door by two of the girls, letting us know that our basement was flooding. I heard a loud 'vacuum' sound coming from the basement. At first, the girls didn't think i should see it but then they knew i had to. It was the worst our basement has ever been.  Alexandra had been thirty minutes away from being done with the cleaning/organizing of the basement before the rain had fallen from the sky!  We had gotten @4" in one hour in our neighborhood.  It sounded like it was different all over town.

We called my eldest daughter and her fiance who both came over and worked their butts off. One of my very best friends had read my FB post and called to say that she was coming (it was late too).  One of my daughter's friends had been at our house the entire day after doing VBS that whole morning and stayed until late. Our neighbors helped with cleaning and also bringing over a rug doctor AND sharing their fans and dehumidifier with us. Another family took the extra loads of laundry that needed to be done. People prayed! Scott called late to say that he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore...he had worked a ten hour shift then had driven eight hours.  My girlfriend said that we needed to go get him! SO after much argument from Scott, we went to get was almost 1am!  We were bummed that we only had to go @thirty minutes to get him as we had really looked forward to actually having time together...we never get to see each other.  Scott and i got home around 1:40am and to sleep around 3am...we both needed to get cleaned up and introduce ourselves to each other ;}).  (Scott let me know that his car just started working again after he had driven aways!)

We had a dentist appointment for Alexandra & we were out of diapers and goats milk and other necessities so i had to get to the store too.  We also had a therapy appointment for Sophina. We got everything as done as it could be by 1:55pm!

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