Friday, June 10, 2011


You know how since almost day one of finding Reece's Rainbow i have put a new child onto my wall and asked for you all to pray for that child?  Well, i have a different prayer request right now.
I am asking that you will LIKE this posting on my FB wall if you will pray THIS upcoming prayer OR if you pray your own prayer on behalf of OUR FAMILY and our child-to-be.  We need wisdom to know who to choose and when to choose!  What better way to gain wisdom than to ask of it says in the Bible!
Dear Jesus, we are begging for Your wisdom, discernment, & knowledge in our decision making process.  We don't know what we are doing in this area nor do we know the timing or the child SO we are asking that You will guide us in a VERY PURPOSEFUL WAY!  Will You please give us such a sense of peace in knowing whom to choose that there will be NO DOUBT?  We SO want to do Your will in this and so we are willing to wait and we are also willing to get to it right now but we need Your guidance.
I pray Lord that You will protect us and give us an amazing time with the social worker on the 22nd. I pray that Your will will be done and that we will look good and be acceptable and capable parents for this new little one.  I pray for Your grace to abound on us that day in particular!
Lord, i pray for an incredible outpouring of support from Your people. I pray particular for prayer warriors who will be praying consistently for us and our family AND OUR CHILD to be.  I pray that You will bring us people's expertise in the times when we need them and in the way that we will hear them also.  Help us to be people who will be humble and listen to the advice of those who have gone before.
I pray that You will help us get the paperwork done quickly and that we will have all that we need done asap so we are prepared for this child.  I pray that You will help the finances to come in quickly so we can get the little one as soon as possible. I pray that there will be emotional support in abundance. I pray for our children and our child to be loved and accepted and cared for.
I pray that our hearts will break for what breaks Yours! Lord, help us to be people like the greats of George Mueller (sp), Amy Carmichael, and others who have been sacrificial in their lives so that Christ would be honored....they cared so much about You us to be like that! In Jesus' name, Amen
Will YOU pray for our family? Will YOU pray for this time of  massive decision making? We would very greatly cherish your prayers on our behalf!  Thanks!  Connie on behalf of our whole crew!

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