Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heard from both agencies

Heard from both agencies tonight and we are all caught up, just needing to get started on the Home Study which is scary.  I have to take Alexandra down to Saint Paul to do an interview with just her since she will be gone to Ireland...don't ask me when that will happen.  The Home Study has to be done while Scott is here so we will be setting that time up with the social worker hopefully tomorrow so we can get his train ticket ordered! The home study is where they check out the house and they check out the home too! To have you understand how unnerving that thought could be just think of someone doing that with your family. Asking all kinds of questions about your family, your life, your house, and such.

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  1. Do not worry - you are in God's hands...all will go well, Matthew 6:25-34!