Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have been trying to figure out why in the world there is almost always an 'other-world' fight going on when it comes to adoption. Why does the devil and his army care one rip about a family saving a child.  I have finally figured it out as i have gone through some MAJOR mind fights through this time. IT IS NOT JUST THE CHILD THAT THEY ARE FIGHTING OVER!  The reason for the fight is due to what happens to OTHERS when these children come home.

I see what Sophina has done just to our own family, then extended family and then friends.  Jesus is glorified!  Then there are the children like Kirill whose life is changing people by the hundreds, actually even thousands.  PRAYER was happening all over the country! People were sharing with their prayer groups, churches, friends, and co-workers and....if they were like me, people at the grocery store;}

I decided this morning that if there is going to be a fight, then we should be prepared!  BUT i'd also like some help!  Will you be prayer warriors with us? PRAYER IS NEEDED!  We are in need of prayer through this whole time! SO will you put us on your fridge or on your prayer list or on a mirror?  Pray for our child too! You could even do like my dear Mother-in-love & share our prayer needs with YOUR prayer group!  thank you so much, Connie


  1. Absolutely will be praying. It's most certainly is a spiritual battle, my dear. Satan will stop at nothing. Feel free to message me if you need to talk!

  2. Always praying for children in danger of being aborted as they never even get the chance at life, whether it be a positive or constant struggle of a life... and with so many couples waiting to adopt, every child that is aborted was a child that was so much wanted by someone else.