Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Awhile back there was a woman named Cynthia who let me know that she lived in my city, that she had a son with DS and that she related deeply to my life stories.  She said that she would love to meet some time. SO i looked up her name in the phone book and called her!  ME! Connie, CALLED someone!  (NOT a phone person am i!)  Anyway, for the two days prior to Cynthia's comment i was trying to figure out how i was going to be able to gather some women to get started on Ethan's TREASURE of a quilt.  Cynthia and i talked for awhile.  At the end of the conversation she said that she was feeling very strongly that she was supposed to be DOING something to help us bring home Ethan.  She mentioned a few things BUT the last thing she said almost gave me goosebumps!!!  She said,"........or i could make a quilt for you to sell or..." as i interrupted with an "are you kidding me?"  She then let me know that she LOVES to quilt and that she has an embroidery machine even!!!  I let her know that i would love to talk more.

Well, we were going to get together but then Sophina got sick, then Scott had things for us to do while he was able, THEN something else happened but over this time we learned a few more things about each other.  I told her the story about how we were having our clothes from the past twenty years (that i have been saving for each of the girls to have special quilts made out of their favorite clothes that they wore) be made into a special quilt for Ethan from people who have been involved in the process of his adoption. How it is going to be a quilt with people's names that love him, have prayed for him, have donated money for him to come HOME.  I let her know that i was way behind on it as i was waiting until we got closer to the end to do it and then all of that "stuff" happened.  She said that she would LOVE to help do the quilt!!!

SO FINALLY, this morning, i had Cynthia over.  I just wanted to have her see all of the clothing items i had to choose from and see what she thought would be best.  We all visited for almost two hours before Catherine and i  started with Cynthia down to the basement to see what we could find, as Sophina's therapist had driven up to have PT with Sophina (our PCA, Becky, was with Sophina).  We had hardly been down there when i heard Victoria VERY excitedly say, "MaaaaaaaaauuuUUM........ MAAAAAAUUM"......and then again (that is the way she was saying MOM...just in case you didn't get that :)) I told Cynthia that either something very exciting happened OR something terrible.  ( it sounded like wonderful)  SO we started for the stairs but before i could even get to the second step Victoria met me and was trying to scream something about an email from Toni (our attorney) and she choked out "court date" so hard that i couldn't tell if she was meaning that there WAS a court date or that she was hoping for it or what!  She almost threw the computer at me and i went running up with it SCREAMING as i saw that it SAID "COURT DATE ;)"  BUT that was not all!  At this point we were ALL VERY LOUD and had COMPLETELY interrupted the PT's therapy that had just gotten started.  Janine was trying to tell us to settle down....i heard her the second time and saw that Sophina was totally scared!  I had just sat down on the couch to read the email out loud and before i could get up Catherine grabbed Sophina and gave her to me so i could hold her!  THEN I READ THE EMAIL!!!!  I don't remember anything else except the date.  When i read it though, it didn't sink in.  I didn't see it as what it really was. OH WAIT!

Back up, now remember that i let you know in one of my last blog posts that we had something else that had to happen and then it seemed to be three weeks from that next step to hearing about court dates and then it seemed that once you heard your court dates that the court dates were also about three weeks away?  ALSO remember how we prayed that there would be a miracle and we could just jump right to hearing the court dates so instead of having to wait six weeks for court, we would only have to wait THREE weeks?  Just wanted to make sure that you remembered this ;)  OK...back to TODAY!

All of a sudden, let's just say that our therapist had to take Becky and Sophina into the kitchen and shut the doors.  ALL of us females were talking at once as the girls were all asking questions and i was reading it again out loud and THEN it hit me......it isn't a month away...it is in exactly ONE WEEK!!!!!  ONE WEEK from TODAY!!  Our court date where our Ethan will be named Ethan Scott Andrew Lindquist!!!!
Yes, there is going to have to be a part two!  I know people don't like these posts to be too long ;)))

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  1. Girl, I got the BIGGEST goosebumps after reading this! SO EXCITED!!