Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PART two-answering questions

SO....if you did not read part one....you may do so now ;)  Ok, i will wait :)

Welcome back!  We left you off with an incredible story of how a stranger became a friend and how God used her to come into our lives at the most wonderful time and how God's timing is perfect;)  THEN we also talked about the incredible miracle that happened with our court date.  SO, i am sure that you have MANY questions!  I will give the answers that i will be expecting to hear in these next days.

#1)  No, Scott and i do NOT need to be at court. Our attorney was given Power of Attorney from us in January.

#2)  No, it will not be FINAL until seven calendar days after the court date.

#3)  No, we do NOT have his room ready, his clothes ready, his quilt ready, his bed ready

#4) Yes, the house is completely utterly trashed even though this morning it was beautifully clean

#5) Yes, nesting HAS happened!!!

#6) Yes, Scott and i will be going together!!!!

#7) Yes, we would LOVE to have people meet us at the airport when we bring him HOME

#8) Yes, we will now be needing to raise funds for our final trip as this is WAY sooner than expected BUT DELIGHTED to be in this situation!

#9)  Yes, our amazing church DOES have an orphan ministry that has an incredible program where if it becomes necessary, we can borrow the needed funds to get us there and then pay it back with a ZERO percent interest rate SO

#10) No, money will NOT stop us from bringing him home!

#11) Yes, a garage sale is going to happen!!! OH MY WORD! THAT was decided TODAY!!!  To say that today was busy is a MAJOR understatement!  We are going to DO WHAT WE CAN to raise the money ourselves.  We are going to be selling things that three years ago, i would have NEVER dreamed of selling!  We have been gathering LOTS of things for some reason that i was waiting on God to tell us what for.....yep, THIS would be IT!

#12) Yes, my heart has been hurting ALL DAY LONG for my friend, Jessica who has also been waiting to hear of her court dates....IN FACT,  the first thing i did when i went to put it onto FB that we had our court date...i checked her wall first and prayed that she was just waiting to share for some reason.

#13) YES!!!!  PLEASE PRAY for them to hear GREAT news too!!!  Pray for miracles for them also!

#14) Yes, we are SO grateful to God for this amazing miracle of answered pleadings of my heart to the Lord, yearnings of your hearts of YOUR prayers on our behalf, and ALL that SO MANY OF YOU have done on our son's behalf!

#15) No, i still cannot believe that it will be even BETTER than what we had prayed for

#16) No, i will never learn to have COMPLETE faith....just the other day i was asking the Lord to forgive me for my doubtings, for being like Peter SO often and for my unbelief and lack of HOPE that had been happening during a 7-10 day period just last week!

#17) Oh SORRY...yes, so court happens, then the seven calendar days until it is FINAL THEN about three days of our attorney doing some paperwork, then she gives us our LAST travel dates!!!

#18) No, but then again i didn't feel ready when i was about to have our first child.....then also didn't know how i would do with our fifth child....such a new experience.....YET, God has been so faithful to a servant who fails so stinkin' often!!!  (choked up)  I was telling the Lord that i don't deserve such a blessing as this answered prayer that went SO FAR BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS (tears) I am so very very grateful!

#19)  (clearing throat and fluttering eyelashes and wiping eyes) YES, IF you have become a part of this whole adventure and you had not given the $20 to have your name on Ethan's treasured quilt...we WILL let you do so but it will not be for very long as we are now FRANTICALLY trying to get it all figured out.  We would love to add more names of people who are close to Ethan's adoption to be added on so we can tell him about you or your family and how you have prayed and what YOUR story has been in bringing him home.  I would really prefer that this donation would be of people who know our family (through FB even).  We have names of people that HAVE given that i don't even know and i can't wait to tell him about them..."even people who had never met us, or you, or would know us if we passed them on the street, CARED enough to give".  I would just love this to be a quilt of MOSTLY people that i can tell him stories of. This is going to be a VERY special quilt as it will have SO many meanings!!!  CANNOT WAIT FOR CUDDLE TIME WITH THE QUILT AND OUR BOY!

#20) YES! IF you would like to otherwise donate to help us on these last trip costs, you may just give to our RR account that is on our blog.  I think that we have $800 in the account to help us with these last costs... SO a great start!!!

#21) I know!  It IS hard to be able to tell what we have in the account BUT it is showing the total amount that has been raised through RR's grant for Ethan so far.  SO we will be starting with the amount SHOWING in our grant at $5071 which is really @$800.  If you would like, i could get you an exact as to what is in there.

#22)  No, we have NO IDEA as to how much we will need right now....two round trip airplane tickets to Ethan, one one way ticket ;), hotel costs for the three of us for a full week, plus food

#23) YES, there ARE prayer requests for our family!
             1) First pray for Jessica and Wes so they can get their court dates SOON
             2) THEN please pray that the paperwork that our strict but friendly-to-adoption judge has asked for would be ready in time (it is NOT from us but rather from the Social Services for Ethan in his country and ONE WEEK to get that in)
             3) PLEASE pray for energy, peace, physical health, mental/spiritual/mind health would be great too;), that we would be able to get finances raised quickly, focused on what needs to get done & prioritize correctly, uniting of our family as one....the whole transition,  all of the changes that will happen for not only us BUT especially for our precious Ethan!
             4) We would be FAITHFUL!
#24) Yes, we are still ALWAYS BLESSED!!!

#25) Yes, loving and thanking Jesus, loving each other, beyond belief grateful and thankful
Connie for the crew


  1. Congratulations. So exciting! Things will fall into place. Just make a list and start checking things off. Before you know it, it will be here and what is needed to be done will be done. The rest can wait until its needed!

  2. Congratulations!! I don't think you need energy Connie! LOL!! You seem to be blessed with tons of it!! (((HUG)))