Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An incredible "GOD" story!

God's timing is always amazing but i will not say that it always FEELS best!  The waiting was SO hard...no matter which time it was throughout this adoption.  WAIT on the Lord....yep, it is in the Bible and there are great verses that talk about it BUT....WOW!  Have you ever tried it lately???  REALLY had to try it....where you feel like your waiting is as if you are about to drown from exhaustion, the beating of the waves against you are too much, and the waiting is just not worth the pain?  Waiting is NOT fun!  Yet, it is one of the tools that God seems to use most often for training us to be more like Him!
I don't know why another sermon just came out me but it did.....and yet, i DO know.
You see, today was the day that our family found out that we have a little boy who TODAY received our last name and is living his last few weeks in an orphanage across the ocean.  Today is a day that we will never forget!  Today is a day that a miracle happened....i received news that i have a son!!!  I never thought that it would ever happen in my life when i miscarried our son four years ago!
I also need to tell you something else though....today is a day that is very bittersweet because my heart is so heavy for another family.  A family whom i care about very much.  A CHILD that i careD about so much that we called the agency to say that we wanted him to be our son.  What was amazing was that that little boy had just been accepted for another family the night before we asked to adopt him!  Scott and the girls and i  had spent MANY days bantering back and forth and then we finally decided FOR SURE...YES!!!!
He was gone!  Too late!  (God is so amazing in that his mother later asked me to be her friend without even knowing that our family had thought that we were going to be her little boy's family- she since knows the blessing that her son was in guiding us toward Ethan)
We went back to looking at children again while still getting our home study set up.  That family started paperwork for adopting their son.
The Lord was SO in control but i just couldn't believe that we were ever going to be able to find a child who we were SUPPOSED to have!  How could we choose?!!?!?!?!  First, there were all of the ridiculous rules and different countries had different rules!  Those rules ruled us out for Russia.  THEN, they had different schedules of visits that parents had to do for different countries.  SO that meant that Ukraine was out as there was no way that we could leave Sophina and even the other girls for five weeks again (we had already done that when Sophina had had her open heart surgery and it was NOT good for our family to be apart for that long PLUS now Scott had a job).  Ukraine was out. (i have since been told that a family could break up the visit for Ukraine and we may have been able to have done Ukraine after all....but God)   Bulgaria looked like the best option for our family.  At the beginning though i wanted a girl......but then i saw Robert and the whole family ADORED him and he DID melt my heart.  OK, maybe boys aren't so bad but still....no, i can't imagine.  THEN, i saw this little boy and he broke down ALL of my reasons to not allow us to be looking at the boys.  This boy with his beautiful brown hair, his gorgeous deep brown eyes, and his lips and cheeks were so precious!   He was a little boy who tore down all of my fears in adopting a boy.  Now, we had lost him! How in the world would we ever be able to find OUR son or daughter?
PLUS! We were getting close to our home study coming and we still didn't have a child picked!!!
We did finally find him (in time...the week of our home study) and Ethan is so perfect for our family that it still overwhelms me with his 'fit'!  God has blessed us so!
SO, Connie, you are thinking...."WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TELLING US THIS!?!?!?!"  You see the family who is adopting Danny has still not heard THEIR court dates yet.  Remember how i have asked us all to be praying for this family in the past?  THE WAITING IS OVERWHELMINGLY painful and hard!  God's timing is best is TRUE BUT it is HARD!!!!  Jessica and Wes need our prayers and Danny needs his day in court....BUT the reason why i am writing this on THIS particular day is another reason that this day is amazing.
One year ago today, it is written in our prayer book that we prayed for.......Danny to have a family!  Remember at this point the children that i am writing in our prayer book are the ones that i fell in love with....the ones who grabbed my heart and then later...we actually pursued!  One year ago, Danny did NOT have a family!  One year ago, there were women (maybe even some men) who stopped what they were doing that day or the next day and prayed for little Danny in his orphanage and his parents that we prayed would come!
Today, i am asking that you pray .....yes, right now, would you PLEASE STOP right now what you are doing and pray for Danny again?  Will you pray again for his family....and now you can use his family's name, Wes and Jessica!  Will you pray that they also will be able to skip the stage that we did and that their court date will be here quickly?  Pray for all to go smoothly and whatever else you want to pray for!  Here is their link if you would like to follow their new lives.....at the-white-acres.blogspot.com
Thank you to all who have been prayer warriors over this year....just look at the outcome of the prayers!  AMAZING!  ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie for the crew

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