Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I just thought that i could share some of the writings that i have written on FB and a few more thoughts.
I'm only one. But still, I am one.

I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something.
And because I cannot do everything,I will not refuse to do the something that I CAN do.~ Edward Everett HaleTHIS is EXACTLY what i have been trying to say (not always in the most beautiful ways but THIS way is so perfectly said!)

It is like i was telling a worker at a store that i have continued to small talk with over the years BUT got pretty deep this last visit!!! (so cool) I would rather obey God and have others be upset then to go by other people's (even godly people's) opinions and listen to them and thus disobey God. Does that mean that it feels good when the people are CLEARLY not behind your decisions....NOPE BUT that does not matter when you are obeying the ONE who has asked you to do what HE has asked YOU to do!!! (pass the offering plate)
OK....NOW, for some more meat! Do you think that God only asks of us the measly life? NO! Have you looked through the Bible lately? What about asking Gideon to only have 300 soldiers against a mighty army....does that make logical sense??? What about when God asks His disciples to let out their nets on the other side of the boat after they had been fishing all night? NO!!! ALL throughout Scripture the Lord asks UNlogical things of His people!!! SO why do we NOT support those who DO the HARD things and obey when God asks the illogical!?!?!?!  

Some other stories of illogical things that God asked....David, who was a young boy, slaying a MONSTER of a man named Goliath with only a sling and a stone.  Noah to build a boat that was HUGE and took YEARS to build.  Have you ever taken the time to really stop and think about what Noah went through for all of those years...YEARS of boat building when there had yet to have been rain?  What would we followers of Christ be telling him if we lived back then?  "Noah, there is SO much more that you could be doing instead of wasting your time building a boat" 

Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son...his ONLY son when God had told him that that was the son that there would be so many offspring from that they would be unable to be counted!  What would we have told HIM as 'advisors'!?!?!  "There is no way that you heard God correctly! This is not what God would ask of you only have Isaac, you should wait and make sure that you heard right"

Or how about Sara being told that she was going to have a baby!!!!  WOW!  Have you all thought about that one and what we would say to her???  "Do you not know how you make babies? Don't you know that you are too old for this!  What were you two thinking?  How are you ever going to play ball with him or be able to keep up with him!?!?  That was so irresponsible"

I think that we want the outcomes of these stories without the hardship of the stories!  Do you not remember the taunting that Noah went through?  Abraham actually GOING up the mountain and actually putting him ON the altar in COMPLETE FAITH!  He OBEYED without knowing what we get to read happened next!  Sara LOVING having a baby in her old age....she was OLD and had a baby!  Seriously, i swear, i wish we would take time to just chew on these amazing FACTS!!!

SO....why is it that we think that those stories in the Bible are so incredible and wonderful and we wonder why that doesn't happen anymore?  Maybe it is because we are not willing to DO what we CAN?  Maybe it is because we aren't willing to go out in the fight with only 300!There are so many different things that God asks of people...that God asks of me and i am sure that i have had things that i have ignored.One person may be struggling with something that would be simple for someone else to do BUT it has been asked of that person and when they do that thing that is super hard for is more meaningful than if God had asked the person who was fully capable of doing that with ease.  MAYBE God asks something so simple of you that you just take it for granted and think it is so little that you don't do it BUT it would have been a REALLY big deal if only you would have obeyed.

The older i get the more I just want to live a life that is full and rich.  Man, i fail just like the men and women of old and what is amazing is that God forgives and loves me and says to try again!  i want to obey in the little things and the big so that my life won't be all about the "stuff i have" but instead will be about a legacy i leave...of integrity, passion and faithfulness to the God of my fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!
ALWAYS BLESSED,  Connie for the crew 

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