Sunday, March 18, 2012


It has been such a long wait for hearing any news of our son, Ethan and this adventure of making him a part of our family!!!  Would you PLEASE do us a favor and take two minutes right NOW to pray- yes PLEASE PRAY that we will have court dates THIS WEEK (that would mean that the next step that we are waiting on would be bypassed and we would go right to the next step).
PLEASE PRAY and even fast (for a morning or even a full day) for the dates to start moving in his country as SO MANY of our friends are also waiting on their news, of anything from their first trips to their article 5's to like us, our court dates.  PLEASE PRAY for hearts to be strengthened and encouraged and for peace.
We are so grateful to those of you who have continued to lift our family and Ethan in prayer as wait to become one family! PLEASE continue to pray also for Sophina's eating as she continues to struggle in this area!
We are remembering that we are ALWAYS BLESSED (even in the long waiting), Connie for the crew


  1. Had a dream last night that Ethan was home! I didn't know about it beforehand, and was just walking past your house (which was in my hometown... you know dreams! LOL) and you invited me in to meet him, and couldn't believe I didn't know he'd been brought home! Praying that is reality very soon!

  2. so happy that you have your court date x