Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update on our adoption

We have been waiting for such a very long time for our dossier to be processed that i can't even remember what happened last in our process.  It seems to be taking a LOT longer than we ever dreamed (or nightmared if it could be such a word).  I asked a dear friend to help explain what all we were waiting for and this is a summary of what a couple of ladies answered for me.
The Lindquist Family is waiting on their dossier to be processed and then signed by the Minister of Justice (MOJ) in B. After she signs it is sent to the B. court system to be assigned a judge. The judge sets a court date. I think it's normally about a week between the MOJ signature (this is true but it has been lasting over three weeks for people lately) and the court date. 3-5 weeks after court takes place, Connie can travel back to B. to pick Ethan up. During that 3-5 weeks, Toni (our attorney) will pick up the court documents and have them translated and a new birth certificate is made. Upon arrival in B (which will be on a Saturday) will stay one night in Sofia, then Connie and (a person yet to be determined....prayers for this decision are most appreciated) will travel to Ethan's region on Sunday & spend the night at Gabrovo, pick him up on Monday(which is called Gotcha Day), come back to Sofia and request his visa/passport. Tuesday will be a free day.  Wednesday - passport ready in late afternoon for pick up. Thursday- medical exam and visa interiew. Friday- pick up visa. Saturday- fly home! 

I wish that i were here to tell you that our dossier has been processed but it STILL has NOT!!!  We are having a hard time not being disappointed but we know that it is all in God's timing and that He knows WAY more than we do as to what is best!  SO that is all we know right now!
#1)  That our paperwork (and MANY others) would get to their next steps quickly....as it has been VERY VERY slow and disheartening for many of us!
#2)  That the paperwork will CONTINUE to move quickly AND efficiently through the rest of the process
#3)  That the money for our last trip will be there when we need it (with the gas prices going up so quickly it will more than likely NOT be great prices for our airplane tickets)
#4)  That we will have wisdom in our choice of the second person going with to pick up Ethan (much prayer here is needed) (Scott will not be going with this time as he can't take off for that long)
ALWAYS BLESSED,  Connie for the crew 

PS Well, that was FAST!!!  The friend who had answered my questions JUST GOT HER COURT DATES WHILE I WAS WRITING THIS!!!  It is later than i am sure she was hoping BUT SHE GOT HER DATE for court.  Would you do me a favor and pray that her GOTCHA day will be in April as her heart was to be bringing them home then?  Her name is Mandy and her boys names are Samuel and Joseph. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY!!!
THEN please pray for our Ethan and Jessica with her Danny...both of our families have been waiting a VERY long time. (not as long as Mandy and praying that it does NOT).  I had been praying that we would be able to bring home Ethan before his birthday or at least Sophina's which is fifteen days later (when we first started out) then i was praying that we would be able to get him home by Easter (but saw that Mandy's dates have taken WAY longer than we imagined) and now it seems like it will be a miracle if we get him home by Mother's Day!  I am asking that you pray with me for the week before Mother's Day would be the latest! Then it will be Liz's b-day the 17th of May but our PCA is leaving for five weeks starting the 19th of May.....so this prayer request is a big one!!!  God's timing!

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