Monday, March 26, 2012


Just found out EXACT numbers for how much we REALLY have in Ethan's grant fund.  REMEMBER,    they do not show how much we have taken out from the first trip costs and for using to help with the costs of our dossier.  SO that means that there is a LOT less in there.  What exactly?  We have $786 for this last trip!
We have to cover two airplane tickets round trip, one one-way, hotel costs and food expenses and are trying to get things that are needed for when he gets home.....HOME!!!!  Whatever you are able to do, we will appreciate!  Thank you so much!
We are doing the quilt for Ethan THIS WEEK!!!  SO, if you haven't gotten your name to be embroidered on his quilt PLEASE PLEASE let us know ASAP!!!   ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie

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