Saturday, December 31, 2011


In just a few hours our son, Ethan will be in his orphanage-asleep as the calendars will change to 2012 on all of the computers. What will that mean for him?

I see the hundreds of little boys and little girls with special needs in Eastern European countries who some have turned seven, eight, ten, eleven and even fifteen years old and they have never known what it was like to have a Mommy and a Daddy and my heart breaks. I still cannot fathom that Ethan is going to be our SON....he is going to be with us for the rest of our days on earth! He is going to be a brother, a son, an uncle (someday), a cousin, a nephew, a grandson, a great grandson, a friend, a best friend, and who knows what else all because he will be a Lindquist in 2012!

My heart breaks that there aren't more children becoming Smith's, Jone's, etc.... becoming a son or a daughter and then becoming a bigger part of a family's life, a friend's life, or a neighborhood's life or a church's life. THOSE people's lives will then be changed forever because they will have been impacted by YOUR son or daughter!

I KNOW our son has ALREADY changed lives in HUGE ways...he has brought friendships together, he has brought compassion to people's hearts, he has even brought a marriage about-not kidding!!! Maybe i will tell you about that at another time. Our son Ethan has been blessed with so many gifts, abilities, and i cannot wait to hold him, love him, care for him, and let him know that HE IS A HUGE BLESSING!!!

I CANNOT WAIT FOR 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will welcome him with open arms that WILL NOT LET HIM GO in 2012 and a few months later we will be introducing him to his EXTENDED FAMILY at our bi-annual family reunion where he will meet his great aunts and uncles and his great grandma and his second cousins and be loved on and cared about!

Yes, i know that all will NOT be easy, carefree and full of sweetness and candy canes BUT i DO know that i serve a God (who is Jesus Christ my Lord) who will be with me, my husband, our children, our family, our church family, our extended family and He will get us through those tough days, weeks, months and even years if it must be. I KNOW that we will have people who will say "tsk tsk tsk...we warned you...we told you you shouldn't have" BUT I ALSO KNOW that we will have people who will say..."WE ARE HERE" "WHAT CAN I DO?" "I AM PRAYING" "LET ME HELP" and we will ALWAYS ALWAYS be blessed!!!

I pray that you will live this year in such a way that you will KNOW that you are living an adventure that you could NOT live without FAITH in a MIGHTY God....the ONLY way that i want to live!!! SCARY....YES!!! WORTH IT....YES!!!!

ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie for the crew

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  1. AMEN!! Happy 2012 dear friend! This is an exciting year ahead for all of you - we are so thankful to be a part of it and cannot wait to celebrate Ethan's homecoming very soon!!! We love the Lindquist family and love your hearts for the orphans! May you be truly blessed in all ways in this new year!