Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Being home without our son

Well, it stinks! Yep, it is so hard to have him there and us here and all of the paperwork in between!

Our time with Ethan was incredible! Our time with him was full of bonding, kisses, running after his busy little body, cuddling, singing, playing Mega Blocks- a LOT, more kisses & cuddling, chasing his adorable little self all over the big open room, throwing him in the air, taking him to the city so he could have his picture for his Visa/Passport, a Christmas party for the children at the orphanage-complete with simple presents & a Santa, more cuddling & singing & then the last kisses and cuddling as i walked him down the long hallway and handed him to his social worker for the last time!

IDK if it is because i didn't get much sleep in BG, the smoking that i am allergic to & is in every restaurant, jet lag, emotional exhaustion, or what but i have not been this completely wiped out....i don't know when the last time was. I feel like i could sleep all day and even struggle to stay awake if i sit down for too long BUT THEN i get into bed & i don't sleep well & can only sleep a short time & awaken with a headache that won't go away and feeling like i have a sinus infection but again it could be the second hand smoke or lack of sleep from last week. PLEASE PRAY that my body will meet the new time schedule REALLY soon! I have lots to do!!!

May i tell you that our son is worth every penny saved, every wide awake moment, every fund raiser given, every fear spoken, every piece of paperwork done, every FB post written, every moment spent trying to let others know of our love and trying to explain the unexplainable!!! WE LOVE ETHAN...a boy whom we had never met until last week, a little boy with DS who is unwanted in his own country, a little boy who would never know what it is like to be in a HOME with a family to call his own...until a few months from now when he comes into our home...into our family...into our lives....into our group of friends....into our extended family...into our church family...into a whole new world. I was told that there are hundreds of thousands of 'typical' Bulgari@ns who would do almost anything to be given the chance that Ethan will be given and we are so grateful that out of all of the Bulga#ians God chose him for us! He even looks like our family.

I know that the Lord will stretch me, each member of our family, our extended family, friends and even people that we don't even know because of our Ethan. I pray that there will be other children that will be adopted because of our son! I pray that people will change their opinions of children with DS. I pray that compassion will be started in someone's life that wouldn't have started without them meeting our son and his family!

Am i missing our son...incredibly! Are we ready for him to be here...are you kidding---do you recall that we have five DAUGHTERS with whom i have never had to 'child-proof' our house and he is used to living in an orphanage with big huge rooms with not much of anything in the room....NO! Would we take him in the morning if we could...YES!!!

I guess this post is just to let you all know that all of what you have been reading ...well, it's worth every bit of it for our Ethan!!! PLEASE keep praying for our family through this WHOLE adoption! We are ALWAYS BLESSED!!!! Lovingly, Connie for the crew


  1. Perhaps you've mentioned it at some point, but do you think you'll have him home before his birthday??

  2. I think just about everyone who has traveled has picked up a virus to bring home! :o( Our Gabriel picked up Mono and Tom's virus developed into pnuemonia. Maybe you should see the Dr? :o)

  3. Kristin, from the very beginning of our choosing Ethan, we prayed that we would be able to bring him home for his 3rd birthday or at least by Sophina's 3rd birthday which is fifteen days later but with the delays that we have had over the months, it would be absolutely miraculous!!! That would mean the end of next month! It is usually 4-5 months after the first visit! UGH!
    Eliz...thanks...i know that i will be better very soon & have finally gotten some Melatonin that has helped IMMENSELY! Thanks for the hugs!!!