Saturday, December 17, 2011

Next up....and more

We had a meal that was well, amazing!!! We each had a salad...that was was mostly cucumbers and tomatoes but also had black olives, green peppers and some lettuce with cheese topping it all. It is the Bulgarian salad and anyone who comes here should order it! We also had been told to order the Hungarian pancakes..oh my goodness! It was an appetizer that was outstanding...really thin-almost crepes that were stuffed with all kinds of goodness!! NUMMY!! THEN we each ordered a meal...we ordered fish with veggies and pork medallions...we couldn't believe how amazing the food was! THEN we split a Tiramisu that was out of this world. When the food came...i had a headache with slight nausea so i thought that i may have a hard time but i think it was due to the fact that we hadn't eaten a meal in such a long time, nor even had had water!!!
The workers here are so sweet and helpful! Dido was my favorite. He knew English pretty well so was able to help more.
We were asleep by 8:30pm last night but i woke up at 3:30am and have tried two times to get back to sleep...trying for an hour each time but no use. We found blankets in the closet but we didn't need them.
Today we will be going to Ethan's city, leaving here at 11:30. It will take three hours to get there, i was told. Then tomorrow we will meet our son!!! I am praying that it will hit me soon! People keep telling me that it will so i will believe them.
I went onto FB to see if i could catch the kids and i actually did. Scott woke up then so we actually Skyped in the middle of the night here. Our Sophina is not doing better and did exactly what i was fearful of ...she stops breathing when she has this bad of a cold. Thankfully, our daughter heard her. I guess Sophina also never slept the WHOLE day yesterday so tonight should be interesting as they put her to bed two hours early...she fell asleep immediately! PLEASE pray that she gets healthy SOON!!! We have a Dr. friend who said that he would check on her today. Problem is is that Sophina seems so good during the day but gets really bad at night or when she sleeps for a nap.
Scott has been able to sleep...he went to bed at 8:30pm woke up and Skyped with the girls for a long time and then went right back to sleep and i am just waking him up as i type ;) It is 8:30am now.
We will be traveling three hours today. I am NOT a nervous city driver by any means in fact, i LOVE city driving but i do have to admit that i was praying this morning for our safety in our travels today. It brought me back to my days in Dominican Republic! WOW! No rules for driving and it is ALWAYS FAST! and CLOSE! and so CRAZY!!!
We will get settled into Ethan's city's 'hotel' and be able to actually unpack, as we will be staying there for five nights. Please pray that we will be a godly witness, for our safety in traveling, for our hearts to meld with Ethan's and his with ours, for us to be wise, for our time together to be sweet as hubby and wife and for us to make memories that will not be forgotten!
Thank you so much for following along! PLEASE PLEASE don't just read our prayers but STOP now and PRAY...thank you so much! We are always blessed!! Connie for the crew

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  1. Have been praying over your day since midnight here. Thankful your trip is going so well. Can't wait to see pics of you meeting your boy!