Saturday, December 17, 2011

We are in Sofia!

Well, after leaving yesterday at @11:10am we arrived here at your time...well, much later ;)
WE have gotten to our motel which is very beautiful in its entry way & the people make you feel wonderful. The rooms are very plain and beautiful and do their duty. There isn't a blanket so that should be interesting ;)
WE are surprised by the poverty of this capitol city! I was shocked as to how wide spread it is. At one point, i had to swallow back the tears. Everywhere i looked i saw people who were living in places that were not fit for people...and it is raining and there are holes in roofs that the lame man could be placed down without a problem! What just about did me in was i glanced to my left (out the moving van window) and saw a mother with her two precious children and one of the daughters had an umbrella that only had two spots that were holding it in place so it was only covering 1/5 of the spot the normal umbrella would. I saw old men and women walking in the rain with cardboard and others walking with garbage bags. Cool and dark and rainy and gloomy and no smiling. OH my breaking heart!
We got all of the paperwork to Toni and she has them safe and sound plus the computer. The flights went well for the most part. We have only gotten two hours of sleep in @27 hours but we are trying to stay up a few more hours to try to acclimate ourselves to this time zone. We haven't eaten nor had water in WAY too long but wanted to let you know that we made it! Love, Connie (Ethan's mom) Always blessed, Connie for the crew


  1. Woo Hoo!! Glad you are safe..... Having your heart broken is a GOOD and PAINFUL experience. Praying for you as the Lord shows you what He desires you to see!

  2. When you travel overseas - especially countries like B and Ukraine then you will forever be changed! Take care of yourselves so you stay healthy to see that precious boy! Praying for you!!!

  3. very much looking forward to following along. keep hydrated! prayers and good thoughts for you on your journey...

  4. Glad you are safe, had good flights and have now had dinner and hopefully are crashed!

  5. Thanks for updating us before you even ate and drank! Praying you are sleeping peacefully now!