Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Afternoon visit yesterday

After our time with Ethan in the morning, we went to a pizza place/restaurant. I will never get used to all of the smoking. It is EVERYWHERE...everyone smokes as they feel it is their Bulgarian obligation as it is their cash crop. Believe me they do a great job of their "patriotism". SO hard for me as i am "allergic" to the smoke...i get headaches and my eyes burn. The food was amazing. We went back to the B & B, Scott went directly to sleep so i went to the computer, put up pictures and wrote on the blog...ran out of time thus the reason why i forgot the card in the computer...they had to knock on the window to let me know that they were getting in the van!!!

We were late yesterday. We had to stop at a store to pick up some items that were needed so we lost out on almost thirty minutes of time with Ethan and i forgot the card for the camera in the computer back at the B & B! UGH! It killed me because there were so many times there should have been a picture of our time together! BUT we got to just focus on being with him and not capturing the moments.

We got to Ethan and he immediately cuddled and then gave me kisses. He warmed up more to daddT and Scott ate it up. Ethan LOVES Mega Blocks!!! We hadn't seen them the first visit but Scott found them and then DaddT moved WAY up on Ethan's love list ;) They played a lot with them. We had a very lovely time with Ethan! It went SO fast! I wish i could remember everything in details!

He LOVES the mega blocks, being up in the air, being tickled, being held by Mommy, kisses, he sings, babbles very well, walks incredibly well and runs, he can go from very mellow to crazy nuts in under a second. He DESPISES glasses on himself or anyone else for that matter. They let us know that they cannot keep them on him. SO...idk what we will do when he gets home. I can't imagine that his needed surgery would take away the need for glasses. He will DEFINITELY change our house...doors WILL have locks that will be high, drawers WILL have childproof locks on them, and much more. He is so fast that the two of us were kept busy the whole time. LOVED his cuddles time though...OH MY, how he melts me! He loves his Momma and i love him.

He is sick with a cold of some kind. He had a fever and they told us that he had worked himself pretty hard because they had to wake him for his nap and he had his arms over his head and is mouth wide open and did NOT want to get up. They are VERY scheduled.

He had on a different outfit then in the morning...even a different pair of shoes...VERY VERY slippery NON-pliable tennis shoes that did NOT look comfortable but looked brand new...he is adorable in everything they put him in. Last night, they had him in overalls and DaddT loved them! They kept on coming undone though. They had Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on them. I had to have put them back on five times and each of us had to at one point or another. I was going to take them off completely but they said that his pants would fall off. He IS very skinny.

We came back to the B & B and we had INCREDIBLE food again. They were very busy with people coming in at the same time as our trying to get food. It was a long wait but the food is worth the wait! French fries with Bulgarian cheese...nothing like it in the states...with their ketchup...way tastier than ours. We both had something different...he had Drusen Kebap and i had Chicken Kavarma...no, i don't have the menu in my room...i am IN the Cafe...alone. This is the best spot for the internet so they are letting me down here...LOVELY! We had had Kebapche the night before and i had had pork steak with mushrooms and we had pepper Byvrek...oh my goodness the food!!!
Well, that was last night. We are always blessed, connie for the crew!

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  1. So sorry about not getting pics but, so thrilled that the visits are going so well!