Sunday, December 18, 2011


What an amazing drive from Sophia to here! It had beauty mixed with such poverty, breathtaking scenery mixed with scenes that took your breath away that people lived there, and the drive was a little less scary....except for a few times with one time making all of us QUAKE!!! It made me think of all of my praying for safe travels this morning. A man drove through a COMPLETELY red light going way over the speed limit but Marty, our driver, thankfully saw it and made some squealing brake sounds!!! Let's just say that i was glad i wasn't asked to get out and walk for a few minutes. It would have been my side and i saw it happen in my mind! FREAKY!!! For those of you who have ridden even made the Bulgarians scared!!! UFFDA!!!!
Along the way here there was one section that the Lord made it look like He had fun with some SNOW spray paint...such beauty!! It was mountains almost the whole trip! Lots of poverty still but so mixed with a beautiful backdrop! It is mountains to this Minnesota girl but if i were speaking when i was a Colorado girl then i would say it was high foothills ;) I would have LOVED to have seen it in the Fall with the trees all in their glory!
We got to the Bed and Breakfast type hotel and it went from surroundings of poverty to very nice! The place is just beautiful and would fit incredibly well in any mountain in Colorado! Just gorgeous! We came to the B & B and then we unpacked and then i put up pictures onto my FB and went immediately down to eat a most delicious meal that was handmade by the owner's wife!! WOW! I love food but especially food NOT prepared by me that is out of this world! It was even a better Shopska (spelling wrong) salad than the night before...WOW! We split an appetizer...have never had anything like it. It was stuffed red peppers but NOT like we came out almost flat...but you could tell that it had something in it so it looked like....a PILLOW!!! It was covered in the most delicate battering ever and it was amazing! It was stuffed with cheese and i don't know what else! Then we had a meat that was looked like a sausage but it wasn' was a Bulgarian meat...again, forgetting the name of it...i will see if i can bring up a menu tomorrow night;) It was quite little. THEN we ordered a pork steak in gravy and mushrooms. You had to love parsley to enjoy it and i love seasonings of any kind...also an outstanding meal! The view is just like the drive...the scenery is breathtaking but the poverty is right out the window. The place where we are staying is gated, i am sure because it is so unlike anything near here!
While we were eating, Toni mentioned to me that we would be staying here for four nights. I told her no five and started to show her on my fingers when she said, NOPE, i are leaving at 6:10am on Friday morning! It was all i could do to keep from crying!!! I had told our travel agent the last day that we were going to be seeing Ethan instead of putting in the travel day. We will lose out on TWO visits with Ethan because of it. Let's just say that as soon as i got into our room....the tears eyes were blood shot and hurting by the time that i was done. PLEASE PRAY as i am struggling...Sophina isn't well Momma's heart took a beating! Yes, i know that the Lord works all for good but this is really hard to swallow. i WILL choose joy...I WILL choose to enjoy EVERY moment BUT for now, i will ask TOni in the morning if i can ask if we could extend the six visits with Ethan as the last visit is going to need to be short as we will need to travel that day back to Sophia and be up at 3am here's time. I cannot even imagine....pray for my mind.....thank you...ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie for the crew


  1. Oh sweet Connie, I am crying tears right along with you. I know that emotional journey you are on and to be cut one day of visits is heartbreaking. Praying that you can get it changed and stay one more day in region.
    Praying for Sophina, may our perfect healer make her well and give you peace as you can't be with her right now.

  2. ROchelle, i could just hug you!!! Thank you for your kindness!!! The gift of understanding is amazing!

  3. Oh Connie! Hang in there sweetie!! Sophina will be ok... God's got her in His care. Soak up your little Ethan. Praying for your Momma's heart!!