Monday, December 19, 2011


When we set Ethan down, he RAN and i mean RAN! We couldn't believe as to how well he is doing in that area. He loved climbing onto the couch and would do it over and over and over again. He especially loved Marty, Toni's brother and Ethan would cuddle up right next to him and look up at Marty with his big brown eyes. It was adorable.
We got out Eeyore...the stuffed animal and Ethan didn't know what to do with it so i had Eeyore tickle him and play with him and then i took Ethan's arms and tried to show him how to cuddle it. I will be working on that every time we see him as that will be what we leave with him. He did play with it and the afternoon visit he even carried it around a little.
We got out a soft pliable truck but again he didn't look like he knew what to do with it so Scott showed him but he wasn't matter how many times Scott tried.
Ethan ran us all over the place and he was into everything. THis room that we were in is ONLY for when a family visits so the children are not normally allowed in there.
I had brought a mirror and as soon as he saw himself, he was drawn to it. He LOVED it BUT he wanted it with him always so one or two times he'd all of a sudden just take off running with the glass mirror. Let's just say that we got our exercise. ;)
He loved our bags (backpacks) with all of their zippers! He loved digging in them and he found our HUGE water bottles that we had bought at the motel in Sophia. He slobbered all over it trying to get the bottle up for a drink. He is sick with a yellow runny/stuffed nose (i wiped it a few times with TP that Beth Cragle gave me) Today, i am bringing Puffs Plus!
I was telling Toni that i could tell that he was very thirsty and was about to ask if we could give him a drink and the worker walked in to take him to eat. It went so fast! We said CHOW to each other and they walked us to the door.
We then went to the pizza place in Gabrovo and the food, once again, was amazing!!! Oh my goodness! We will be eating there for lunch every day while we are in this city! We can't wait! The food is always fantastic!
Speaking of which....time for breakfast! That finishes up our morning YESTERDAY!!! ALWAYS BLESSED!!! Connie for the crew

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