Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I can't keep up...you got to see the pictures before the story-our yesterday's morning

I slept until 6:30am but that is because i was up SO VERY LATE trying to get video to work and finally gave up after FOUR HOURS of trying only to wake up and see that it WORKED!!!!
We got ready in time for breakfast, which was amazing AGAIN! This time it was a different meat but the same concept as the morning before...this time was even BETTER than the morning before! The meat was a Bulgarian mix of 60% pork and 40% ground meat with the Bulgarian spices which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. IF we ever had time to shop...THIS is what i would buy...their spices, their cheese is amazing and there is NOTHING like it in America and their veggies! Cucumbers at every meal! LOVE!
There coffee made me talk of our son-in-law...he would LOVE their coffee. It comes in a very small coffee cup...remember those of days of old where the cup would match the plate and the plate would have a little spot for your coffee cup made right into it...THAT size. The coffee is only 1/3 to 1/2 full and is BLACK and full of flavor! I always ask for a coffee and a hot cup of water and i put in my hot chocolate mix and add the coffee...i think that it shocked them but i LOVE it!
As soon as we were done eating i went running upstairs, brushed my teeth, made sure the camera was ready, got our bags and my purse and ran down. I couldn't wait to see Ethan!
We got there earlier than the first day and i was so excited waiting in the play room (for visitors) so i went to the door peeking out to catch a first glimpse of him. He smiled really big when he saw me and she let go of his hand and he ran to me. THe picture of us kissing with him in his jacket is those first moments...made me just take in a deep breath and my eyes water just now thinking about it! I still cannot fathom that he is my son!!! He SO LOVES being cuddled and it makes my heart sing!
Scott knew from the night before that he LOVES the Mega Blocks so we went and played those...he loves them and he enjoyed playing them with Daddy. He absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED the hearts that a little boy cut out for Ethan. He played with them, crinkled them, ripped them, ATE them, carried them all over, and just had a blast with them JUST LIKE I KNEW HE WOULD!!! SO someone make sure Christy reads this blog...Taylor (Catherine's friend) would you please let her know???
Ethan was wearing tights and i remembered that the boys wear tights here and mentioned it. Toni said that she doesn't understand why it would be just for girls as boys need warm legs too. Ethan is always dressed warmly! He has always come down with a coat on too. Ethan has had on a different pair of shoes at every visit at that point and that morning visit was my favorite pair so far. It was also Ethan's favorite pair. I fixed his velcro as it was just a little crooked so i did it without even thinking about it. He watched me do it and immediately he did it and the shoe was off and in his mouth! OOPS! I let him bite on it but not on the bottom. I still cannot get over his perfectly white straight FULL set of teeth!!!
He is amazing us more and more with each visit. The visit was over too quickly as the time just flies. We can tell though when it is close to time as he gets more cuddly and quiet. I always get to cuddle him before we leave and we say CHOW. I love his social worker. She is beautiful! I still have not seen his groupa leader though and i would love to meet her. They walked with us to the door, i think so we could have more time together. We went outside where the fog was still there in the mountains. I asked Scott to take some pictures and i turned around and there was Ethan with the worker, on the third floor waving at us! He didn't see me at first but then i just kept on waving and he finally saw me! He smiled and i am sure i had a goofy grin all over my face! He is so loved!
We then went to the Pizza place where we tried something Bulgarian because our philosophy is WHY WOULDN"T WE??? It was a cucumber, ham, mushroom, corn pizza...it was good and i would have been LOVING it but the cucumbers on it were just good. I am really glad i tried it though! We had a step up from the Shopska salad and had it plus added the other items to make whatever this salad was...it also had flat salami (Bulgarian salami which if Scott could he would bring home a case of), ham and another meat, corn, black olives, egg and the kitchen sink...;) It was so good!!! I will never ever NEVER get used to the smoking...it is SO very hard for me!!! Toni and Marti have been so kind as to not smoke in the van and when they smoke they try to blow it away from me but EVERYONE smokes so you are surrounded by it.
Toni and Marti are amazing! Toni is in a wheelchair from an accident. Marti is the driver and an excellent one! There have been some near misses and some craziness and even some parking on the sidewalks...EVERYWHERE! Pedestrians just have to move out of the way!! You will see cars parked normally and then you will see a car parked straight in instead of parallel with the others..they are like a T in there...as there wasn't enough room for them to parallel park!!! Hilarious! TOni is a love. She just all of a sudden reached out to have me hug her and OH how that made my day...she knew that i would GLADLY hug her back! She is a dear woman who is about the Father's business of saving the lives of children!!!
We are always blessed!!! Connie for the crew

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  1. So loving to hear about your visits with Ethan....so happy that he is such an outgoing and cuddly little boy....God has blessed you!!!!