Saturday, December 3, 2011

WOW! A powerful post that i was NOT expecting to it with a heart ready to listen

I have to tell you that my "job" that the Lord has given me other than being a Wife & Mommy is one that is hard, draining & lonely! Sometimes it feels like i am one of only a few that really truly cares. Sometimes it feels like "what is the point?" ! Sometimes i wonder if i should just quit my job. I was asked lately if i got paid for it & i couldn't believe how it shocked me when i was asked that my mind my response was..."WHY WOULD I GET PAID?"-- THIS is what we are supposed to be doing! I am a VERY passionate person when i believe in something.
I want the world to know that i love Jesus Christ & i believe what He says that He is the Way, the Truth & the Life & no one comes to God except through Him! I LOVE my husband & respect him greatly-he has shown sacrificial love like Christ. I ADORE our children...Elizabeth & Nate, Alexandra, Victoria, Catherine, NOW-our Ethan, & our Sophina! I am passionate about a lot of things.
The purpose that the Lord has given me because of our Sophina & now Ethan is to try to wake up the try to let as many of you know that there are children out there who are not just pictures -THEY are PEOPLE....CHILDREN who are dying....THEY ARE REAL!!!! I KNOW people who have TOUCHED them & looked into their eyes! I have seen what adoption has done in the lives of children who were beyond belief in pain, never being touched, cared for, fed more than just enough to let them live (barely) and have watched them turn into smiling happy children in just DAYS of being with their family and into "normal" healthy children in just weeks!!! My purpose has been questioned MANY times. My purpose has been called MANY things...."over the top", "annoying", "are you sure they are even real", "why are we caring about them when there are so many here", and more.... there are days like today where i just want to give in. I just want to cry IS overwhelming and what IS the point? THEN.... something happens... a child gets put onto My Family Found Me- a child that we prayed for on my FB wall! Or a family that i only got to know because of Ethan's adoption gets healing that wouldn't have happened had we not been adopting! There IS a purpose!!! There IS a reason!!! PRAYER DOES CHANGE THINGS!!! Our adoption may not be what you thought was best for us but thank God - HE THOUGHT differently!!! I thank God that we didn't listen to REASON or LOGIC or having it MAKE SENSE...God asked & we FOUGHT with was really not good timing, it did NOT make sense, it was completely ridiculous BUT GOD..... and so....WE said YES....OK, we would rather obey YOU, Lord than people and PLEASE YOU Lord then please people...we would rather please people (in our flesh) SO IT HAS BEEN HARD when people are NOT has been HARD when we see people avoid & ignore BUT GOD!!!
SO....Yep, you CAN expect me to keep putting a child up every day on my FB wall to ask people to PRAY, you can expect me to talk about our son, Ethan and adoption and the families that i have grown to LOVE with all of my heart! You can expect me to write about Jesus Christ and His wanting to break our hearts for what breaks His....the Lord has given me a purpose, a job and i am going to do it....even when it is lonely, even when i may lose friendships/relationships...even when it is not popular.... I AM GOING TO HAVE TO ANSWER THE LORD, not you! Scott is going to have to stand before the Lord, not you and so we please JESUS CHRIST!!!
I have been mulling this post for months in my head and i did NOT come here to this computer to write it but GOD has poured this out and my hands have flown across the keys like He does when He gives me prayers for many of you....i have written with tears flowing down my face and my chest heaving in pain...... i love my Lord, i respect my husband, i adore our children...all SEVEN of them, and i am passionate about them all...including the job of sharing about adoption & a world that i never knew existed! I am ALWAYS blessed, Love, Connie for the crew!
PS May i also add that when those of you who DO see someone who is adopting, who do see someone who is obeying God and not, i think, have no clue as to the power your encouragement is to those who are following Christ's leading. Your encouragement, your involvement in their OUR lives means MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW....the words of encouragement, the prayers, YOUR excitement on our behalf or on that adopting family's behalf is POWERFUL!!! I know that i speak for many adoptive families when i say THANK YOU for giving, THANK YOU for donating, THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!!!, Thank YOU for your encouragement!!! Thank you to those who "GET IT!" We are grateful!


  1. I second that Amen!! We can't wait to met the little boy that God meant for YOUR FAMILY and to be a part of loving him the way that God intended for each of us to be loved. I love you dearly and am BLESSED to call you my friend. You are a shining example of following the Lord's calling even when it is difficult...but the rewards will be unbelievable!! To love little Ethan - what an amazing reward and blessing in itself!!

  2. Keep the good work, Connie--it certainly is God's work!!! Jesus, His Blessed Mother, and all the saints are with you and your mission, Lillian / The Godone-Maresca Family