Friday, December 2, 2011

TWO WEEKS from being in Ethan's country!!!

I keep on having things that are hitting me out of the middle of nowhere! Today, it was that it was a Friday....A FRIDAY!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! TWO WEEKS from today we will be leaving the USA!!! The other day, was it yesterday?, i realized (as in REALLY got it) that i am going to be going on TWO international flights in the next five months!!!
Some things that have NOT hit me is the following: I am going to be walking through the doors of the orphanage of the place where our son has been living, I am going to be touching our son!, Scott & i are going to be together for a full week without our children for the first time since Liz was 2!!! (unless you count our time at the PICU with Sophina), i am going to be able to be with our son for 4 1/2 days for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon! I am going to be needing to have things for Ethan to do for our time together...what should i bring? The list could go on!
I bought our first real "outfit' for Ethan tonight! It is precious & i hope it fits him! I wonder if he will like me, will he like Scott? I wonder if he is a cuddler, a "runner", a mischief, a delight, and that list goes on! I wonder what color his eyes really are, what his personality is, what his likes and dislikes are, if he has any features that totally show me it is Ethan and that list goes on.
I am asking that you pray for our daughters as we leave them in very capable hands that love them and are very used to having them around. Sophina will be at ease with the people who will be here but we have no idea how she will be (without me- since that has never happened). I bought a book today that i can record my voice and read her a story. I bought one for Ethan too. I will leave it with him when we have to leave him! I am asking that you pray for Scott and i to be able to use as much of this time as possible to enjoy each other. Pray for Ethan to be 'ready' to meet his Mommy and Daddy. Pray for our health, energy, time change not killing us, and anything else that you can think of! (Sophina's eating would be a HUGE prayer request as that has been a HUGE struggle lately)
The Lord provided enough money for our plane tickets through those three weeks of fund raising craziness and we are so grateful! There are still funds that need to be raised for the ending of the adoption. I HAD been planning on doing another fund raiser since it is Christmas time...selling more trivets and my toffee but i have run out of time SO just know that we will have an "after-Christmas sale" at some point;) We are so grateful to those of you who have listened to the stories, who have given of time, energy, and financially, but especially to those who have prayed...WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS!!! We are always blessed! Connie for the crew

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  1. How exciting!! I will be looking forward to your journey! God bless y'all and we will be praying! Ethan was one of the boys that we prayed over as we waited for God to reveal our son to us. He is so adorable!
    -Maria, Finn's future mommy