Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yesterday afternoon-finally caught up!!!! WHEW!

When we got back to the B & B, we immediately went to our room, each used the bathrooms, Scott went straight to bed and i grabbed the computer, my water and two Lindt chocolates and went down to their Cafe for the internet capability.
The whole time was spent uploading pictures, writing blogs, captioning the pictures and reading all of what people wrote. It has been so fun...i come onto FB and FB can't even let me see all of what people said because it obviously doesn't go over the number 99 messages and every time that is what i come on to. SO fun to share this JOY with all of you!
Other than RUNNING up to the room twice to use the bathroom...i used every precious moment to write and get up pictures...left time to get the computer hooked up to fill with battery while we are gone, potty, change from slippers to shoes, make sure we have everything and off we went back to the orphanage!
This time our afternoon visit was actually early instead of late! Again, i was eager to see our Ethan and this time they met us AT THE FRONT DOOR!!! I smothered him in kisses oblivious to the fact that in the next doorway to their "lobby" was a room with a dozen teenage girls all staring at me kissing our son to pieces. When i did walk into the lobby, i didn't care that they were there...i just kept smothering him in kisses as he just was eating it up. When i finally did notice, i noticed that there were looks of absolute awe to sweet faces to fascination. SO then i was PROUD of kissing him...THIS IS OUR SON!!!! Wooohoot!!!!
We then went into the play room with him. Again, i took off his COAT. Underneath his coat, he had the cutest outfit EVER...i HAVE to find him an outfit just like it because it was the cutest thing EVER on him...NONE of the pictures did it justice! It was a wool flannel shirt and as the visit went along i realized that he also had on a cream turtleneck and then a little later i realized that he also had on a shirt and another shirt...and he was not hot.....i then was hit with the fact that our son's floor is probably VERY cold. When we arrived to the orphanage yesterday afternoon i could hear Ethan plain as day. I could also hear the workers and other children as if there was a window open which led to me to search for the open window. Mind you it is Winter here and it was getting chilly...probably in the mid 30's at that time. Then i saw them....in a very quick moment i saw three different windows without glass. There was a wooden frame around them with a thick shiny clothlike stuff covering the window but it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was time to go in but in my mind i wondered about windows. THEN when i saw our Ethan...it all came together...UGH...i wish that there was something that we could do NOW! I will see....
Anyway, our Ethan's outfit had me talking a LOT about how i needed to get one exactly like it. He was breathtaking in it. He was precious and adorable and kissable and mellow. We noticed that he was more relaxed than he had been. The worker was all excited as she spoke with Toni (they usually do for a few minutes and then leave us) and i could tell that she was really worked up. She was telling TOni that Ethan was very sad that we had left and that he kept on looking for us...tears....uffda...ok, and that he struggled to take his nap because he wanted his Momma! Tears again...Writing these blogs have brought the first tears so far...as i know that it is getting close to when we will need to say good-bye and that time we won't be back in the afternoon to assure him that we are here and we love him....and he will have to wait for four long MONTHS!! OK...i can't see anymore.......WHEW! Ok....she said that he finally fell asleep but he missed us. It made me kiss him and cuddle him all the more. Scott finally had to tell me to let him down...
WHen i did...he didn't want me to SO i let him stay in my arms! Such precious times! He played a lot more focused last night. He played with the Mega Blocks for at least HALF of our time. The rest of the time he played with a red musical toy that had little notes and then it also had animals on it that had a bear that sounded like a frog. He wanted to do it and he wanted to learn and he stayed at that toy for a very long time. There were times when he would get frustrated and he would bang it and whip it so it would have hurt someone very badly if they had been in the way but we tried to calm him and told him NAY whenever he would get that way. He also did NOT want to share with Scott so we know that both Sophina and Ethan will have some learning to do with that area. He was getting frustrated after over thirty minutes of playing with it so i took him out for some calming cuddling Momma time. I don't remember if i danced and sang with him then or not but i DID do it often...he LOVES it and i LOVE doing it so it works;)

Ethan seemed very comfortable with Scott now and he enjoyed playing with his Daddy. Scott really wanted Ethan to play and feel more things but Ethan was really content with just a few items. We saw a top that was amazingly wonderful and i am sure it was old. When we pushed it up and down it would have the train go round and round and it would make the noises (very real sounding too) of the train. We again showed Ethan how to do it and again he picked it up quickly. Again, it was a toy that he played with for about thirty minutes but this toy kept going into his mouth...the whole top of the the part that you push went ALL the way into his mouth SO Momma got to have cuddle time again...singing again.
We sang Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Joy to the World, Silent Night, Away in a Manger, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O Holy Night, Only a Boy Named David, This Little Light of Mine, and more...of course, not all at one time but throughout the day and night. He LOVES music and he is very melodic when he babbles...almost as if he is singing a song. I cherish these times the most. He just melts his body into mine....and then just when i think he is mellowed out he whips back and quickly grabs my glasses in a grip that at some points had to have three adults working on getting them loose ;) HE HATES glasses on ANYONE! SO definitely a prayer request there as he will be HAVING to wear glasses!
The rest of our time with Ethan...for way over an hour was Ethan and Scott or i playing Mega Blocks and he absolutely amazed us as he concentrated and worked diligently to work them. He many times would get six in a row built up!!! THEN he would take them all apart and start over with three of two or four depending on his mood! Throughout the night we realized that he preferred the smaller blocks so we just let him play with those. We also noticed that he does NOT like to be in the middle of the room but would rather have something against him so he can SLOUCH down and play!!! He slouches horribly...like a rebellious teenager is what i told Toni ;) SO that means he would spend a lot of time at the table and chairs and then he would go to another table...more like a small high chair...oh my, i wish that i had had that on video but it happened too quickly so i just clicked pictures. He LOVED being enclosed it seemed. Then the other place he loved was up against a room divider that was orange. It was not a secure divider but it was strong enough for his little body to slouch against. He played and played and played and played with those Mega Blocks!!! We saw his determination, his incredible length of time involved in the same item, his amazing use of fine motor skills and we just sat in awe of his wonderful capabilities!!! Just utterly amazed as to how advanced he is!!!

We were told that he is eating well, sleeps ok...as his breathing is an issue with his "third tonsil" and if what we are hearing is his normal breathing sounds than he probably has colds often -just like his sister!

Our time last night was absolutely precious. I again tried to get him to attach to Eeyore so he could have something to cuddle and think of his Momma and DaddT. He did do better with it. I will leave it with him on the last day....which is tomorrow's morning visit....my mind cannot grasp what it will be like for him tomorrow afternoon when he will eagerly be waiting for Momma and DaddT to come and we won't be able to...ugh my heart is literally hurting from that thought!
My heart is being ripped out as we will never be able to make him understand the stupid red tape that Mommy and DaddT's have to go through to bring him home....the tears are falling and getting my bed covers wet.

We left and this time i could hear his voice in the hallway. I prayed that he would stay warm. We went straight back to the B & B where we had another amazing meal. I had my OWN french fries with the Bulgarian cheese and Bulgarian ketchup. I had to guard the food i ordered as i ordered what Scott had had the night before. He ordered a spicy meat last night and it was delicious! He also ordered a plate of those fries. I ordered my first desert here...a crepe with chocolate...oh my word....nummy!
We went up to our room...the internet was not working so i had to put on Scott's heavy jacket, as well as being bundled up myself i took his fleece jacket to sit on as the flooring is very cold thick tile...in the stairwell. I took an hour to respond to FB and put up new pictures then collapsed into bed before 10:30....only to awaken at 3:15am BUT this way i got two blogs written and i am finally caught up on writing again!
This is NOT a vacation just like i was planning...it is BUSY!!! Scott is worn out and is still asleep...thankfully as he needs it.
When i looked out the window when i awakened i saw that it had snowed!!! I can't wait to take pictures as it looks like it may be the kind that is sticky and beautiful on the trees. Pray for safe travels though! We are always blessed and especially so right now! Connie for the crew

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