Sunday, December 18, 2011


Our First Day!

Out our window in the capitol...yes, people are living in that gold place....yes, it is raining and has been since we have been here
Right out our window

Out our window and to the right

 More views of the city.

Our room- it was lovely. 

Day 2- Leaving Sophia, going to Ethan's City! 

More of Sophia

Hotel in Sophia with the tram that you share driving areas with....with very narrow roads

 A market.

On our way to Ethan's City!

HUGE was so long

It was as if God spray painted the snow on

In Ethan's City!

Those are just the buildings that fit into the camera lens - there was so much more

Our Hotel in Ethan's City!

More of the hotel- isn't it beautiful!?!?!?!

Our room- the flooring is gorgeous
Other way--- i think that we are the only ones here....i wonder how they make it.... such a lovely place!!!

Beautifully cared for


  1. THANK YOU CALEB!!!! I so appreciate your doing this. It would have taken me forever to first of all figure out HOW then the internet is pretty low here so .... YEAH!!! You may all thank Caleb that you get to see this!

  2. Thank you, Caleb!! :)

    My heart jumps to see all these familiar and well-loved sights! Thank you for your wonderful blogging, Connie! I am so excited for you to be there in Bulgaria with Toni to see your newest family member! Can it get any better than that?! Praying for you ALL!